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Tierra Shores: Dual Purpose Nursery and Office

This project was very special as the client was my friend, Alexandria Monette. Alex is an incredibly talented photographer, specializing in weddings, engagements, and all things love (except for when she squeezes in branding work for us!). I was over the moon when I heard that her and her husband, Jaime, were expecting their first baby! I couldn’t say yes fast enough when they asked if I’d help them transform a previously neglected bonus room into a dual purpose office for Alex and nursery for future Baby Leo. It was an immense honor to be a part of such a milestone in their lives and I knew I had to deliver something equally as special. We had so much fun talking through details, making revisions, and lunching in downtown Temecula on breaks.

The Space Plan

The most important element here was making sure that both mom and baby felt like they had adequate space. We used the existing niche to house Alex’s desk and work drawers, giving it ample room without intruding into the rest of the room. The other half (or 3/4) was dedicated to baby Leo! We played around with the floor plan but were able to comfortably fit his crib, rocking chair, changing table, and clothes storage, all while keeping the center of the floor open for playtime.

The Design

The foundation of this design was rooted in the beautiful desert location. Alex and Jaime’s home is surrounded by the gorgeous desert scape of Temecula. They had also previously done a lot of improvement work on the rest of their home in a style they dubbed “MMM” Modern, Minimal, Mexican. We were able to take bits of Alex’s bohemian style in details like the geometric jute rug, naturally dyed linens, and light lace curtains and mix them with accessories acquired from Jaime’s family town in Mexico to achieve the perfect balance. And of course, the crowning jewel being the hunter green chevron accent wall, that Jaime and Alex installed themselves!

The Function

Making this room function seamlessly for a tireless working mom running multiple businesses AND a new born baby was not an easy task, especially in a room that didn’t even have a closet. We used every available space and still managed to keep a clean and open feeling. Creativity with storage was key and ultimately lead us to some of my favorite details in the finished space. We used wall mounted book shelves to display Leo’s very first books and toys, and hung outfits on a decorative ladder where they patiently waited for his arrival.

The Team

Design: Chelsea Dowling Herrin, The Kingsway Co.

You can find Alex’s work here >




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